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Clean drinking water is an essential component for sustainable living. Water is a limited resource with water reserves dropping to their lowest level for years.  The management of our future demand for water and how we provide new supplies to serve growth and expanding development areas is a major challenge for the industry. Create Water has been established to encompass all aspects of the water cycle; from surface water management, water supply and resources and waste water treatment and recycling.

Create Water can provide practical deliverable advice right from the initial feasibility stage of a project, providing input into the development of a project masterplan, integrating sustainable drainage and water resources right into the fabric of the scheme. The team's experience of engineering design issues differentiates it from other specialist consultants, ensuring that any proposal not only complies with the latest local, national and international design standards, but will also be attractive to end-users and environmental approval agencies.

This creative approach is applied to all forms of development including small local developments to major strategic growth proposals and urban extensions.

Services offered by Create Water:

  • Water cycle studies
  • Water conservation and demand management strategies
  • Water supply assessment
  • Rainwater Harvesting
  • Recycled water use
  • Waste water drainage strategies
  • Waste water treatment design
  • Odour Assessment
  • Pumping station design
  • Sustainable drainage design (SUDs)
  • Surface water drainage strategies
  • Drainage network modelling
  • Hydrogeology
  • Soakage testing
  • Irrigation Reservoirs/ boreholes
  • Consultation and negotiation with statutory authorities
  • River restoration and fish passage
  • Hydroelectric Appraisals
  • Flood risk management
  • Hydraulic modelling
  • Water Quality Studies


For further information on any aspect of Create Water please contact Graham Sinclair at graham.sinclair@createconsultingengineers.co.uk

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