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Create Consulting Engineers Ltd has the experience and expertise necessary to undertake Noise & Vibration Impact Assessments in accordance with all relevant environmental legislation to support planning applications. This process ensures that local populations are protected against unacceptable, temporary and long term noise impacts.

Our experienced and qualified personnel are able to predict and quantify the potential noise impacts of a proposed development, undertaking noise and vibration monitoring, where required. Our extensive track record involving various type of developments, provide us with the aptitude to successfully mitigate against any potential noise and vibration impacts. This may include the design of noise barriers and/or road layouts, as well as producing schemes of works for quiet operational and construction working conditions.

In this way Create Consulting are able to provide strategic noise and vibration impact advice to clients at all stages of a project and to aid in negotiations with local authorities. This is achieved by close dialogue with the environmental health teams within local authorities and results in the production of robust assessments, which strive to overcome any concerns.

The skills and resources available to clients include:

  • Provision of strategic advice at all stages of the project.
  • Project direction and co-ordination.
  • Development of environmental management plans for the control of construction and operational impacts.
  • Provision of environmental noise surveys tailored to specific guidelines/ requirements.
  • Analysis of complex data from our own equipment or that of accredited third parties.
  • Calibration, use and validation of noise modelling software based on noise calculation procedures contained with the Calculations of Road Traffic Noise (CRTN) the Calculations of Railway Noise (CRN) and BS:5228 part 1. Noise and Vibration Control on Construction and Open Sites.
  • Advice on mitigation measures.
  • Production of assessments and the provision of individual chapters and non technical summaries for inclusion within environmental statements.


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