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The road network is one of the most important elements of Infrastructure of both developed and undeveloped countries and is essential for the efficient movement of goods and people. Create's Highway design team recognises the importance of the highway network and provides practical and sustainable design advice to ensure the efficient use and development of the network.

Good highway design is about considering the needs of all highway users, including pedestrians, cyclists and Public Transport. Create's Highway design team uses its experience of designing for all these forms of road user and believes that the practical integration of the modes is essential for future sustainable use of the network. Create works closely with masterplanners and architects to develop access strategies and development layouts which encourage sustainable forms of transport, as well as the detailed design for construction purposes of all forms of highway and transport facility.

Services offered by Create Highways team:

  • Highway Design Services
  • Complex Interchange Designs
  • Route Appraisals/Feasibility Studies
  • Economic Assessments/COBA
  • Section 278 Agreements
  • Traffic Signals/Controller Specification
  • HGV Route Analysis/Abnormal Loads
  • Traffic Management
  • Designing for Deliveries
  • Street Lighting Design
  • Safety Audits
  • Sign Design/Street Furniture
  • Surface Design
  • Maintenance Strategies
  • Condition Surveys
  • AutoTrack - Specialist Vehicles
  • Expert Witness

For further information on any of the above services contact Paul at paul.zanna@createconsultingengineers.co.uk

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