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After graduating in Civil Engineering at the University of A Coruña, Spain in 2009, Enar became a member of the Geographical Information Systems (GIS) department where she worked for two years. Enar moved to the UK in search of a professional challenge and for four and a half years she developed her technical skills in road and drainage design at Intermodal Transportation Ltd., were she was involved on an interesting mix of small and medium scale residential and commercial infrastructure design projects, from pre-planning through to completion stage as well as preparing S106, S104, S38 and S278 applications. Enar was also part of the transport team, were she worked on the preparation of transport assessments/statements and residential and commercial Travel Plans.  On the transport side, Enar have also been involved in a large number of educational projects.

Enar moved to Essex from sunny Spain in 2012 with her partner (boyfriend then, husband now) and their little dog. They live in Chelmsford and have welcomed a little girl to their family last summer. Motherhood has put most of her hobbies aside with the exception of riding her bike to work and back.  A year on, Enar has found that motherhood is far more challenging than any infrastructure project she has ever been involved in.


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