Mental Health in the Workplace


An HR audit has been undertaken by Sue Buck from People Plan on Tuesday, 31 October 2017.  Sue is an external consultant that we have engaged to assist on all issues HR.  Sue has been assisted by Tom Oxley from Bamboo Mental Health, who has been a friend to the practice over a number of years, and is now specialising in Mental Health in the workplace.

A range of staff have been interviewed in order to get a feel for the various issues that people face within Create and what, if anything, we could do to make the work environment better for all. Sue and Tom have looked at contacting staff of various levels in all offices within the company. Part of the audit will be to look at our current systems including appraisals, recruitment, staff retention, conditions and contracts.

We look forward to receiving feedback of this report.

Pictured below are Jonathan Cage and Sue Buck.

HR & Mental Health Audit

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