GLA to adopt lower SAP Carbon Factors from January 2019


From January 2019 planning applicants must use the SAP 10 emission factors when estimating CO2 emission performance against London Plan policies, until the government updates Part L of the Building Regulations. This is a reduction in carbon factor of 55% (from 0.519 to 0.233 kg/C02/kWh), and will ensure that the assessment of new developments reflects the actual carbon emissions associated with their operation. 

As a result of this reduction, homes heated by direct electric systems will produce virtually the same CO2 emissions as gas, while heat pumps, with their favourable Coefficient of Performance, will produce even less. Furthermore, technologies generating onsite electricity such as solar PV and gas-engine CHP will no longer achieve the carbon savings they have been doing to date and will need to use alternative or additional technologies.

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