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Yousef Saleh - Technical Director, UK

Yousef joined Create Consulting Engineers as our Technical Director, Structures.

He has a wealth of structural and civil engineering experience in various types of projects, including airports and stadia. He has worked on both refurb and new build projects. As a Senior Chartered Structural Engineer, Yousef has designed structures using a variety of materials including timber, concrete and steel.

He has vast technical knowledge making him suited to both management and consultancy, allowing him to offer advice on technical issues at design and construction stage.

As a team leader, Yousef has proved himself a valuable member of the Create team.

Organisation is the key to succeeding in projects and Yousef’s team always makes time to produce efficient and quality work under pressure. He is able to negotiate with clients and run projects entirely from start to finish and deliver designs according to the programme.

Being trustworthy and easily approachable Yousef helps and advises colleagues and clients. His self-confidence allows him to be optimistic.

He also has vast experience in designing of  temporary works for basements, shafts, etc., using the methods of cut and cover, open cut, underground construction, diaphragm walls, retaining works, piling works, waterproofing, etc., placing special emphasis on issues related to the constructability and the protection of buildings and infrastructures including utilities.



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